Medicare and Obamacare

Selecting the right insurance plan can save you hundreds of dollars each year and give you more access to quality medical care. We help individuals navigate the complicated rules of Medicare and Obamacare to make choices that better meet their needs.

Our Medicare 2017: What Seniors Need to Do Now interactive presentation shows seniors a simple way to review their Medicare plans and choose appropriate coverage. Call Jess Joseph at (212) 996-9595 or email to schedule a time for your group or organization. Medicare 2017 is a free public service from Help for Patients LLC.

On average Medicare beneficiaries overpay by $368 annually for prescription drug plans; only 5% choose the cheapest drug plan. It pays to review your options every year during Open Enrollment.

On average Medicare beneficiaries overpay by $368 annually for prescription drug plans; only 5% choose the cheapest drug plan. It pays to review your options every year during Open Enrollment.

Get help with Medicare:

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Plans: Original Medicare (Parts A and B) can be used with any participating doctor or hospital anywhere in the United States. You don’t need a referral to see a specialist, and most medical procedures do not require prior authorization. You also need to purchase a separate Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan. Most Medicare Advantage Plans include prescriptions drugs, and some plans also offer dental, vision and hearing benefits at little or no extra cost. Compared to Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plan provider networks are narrower and referrals are often required.

Part D Prescription Drug Plans: There are 35 different plans available in New York City, and making a choice can seem overwhelming. We help you sort through your options to choose the plan with the lowest total cost, including premiums and drug copayments, that meets your needs.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans: These plans cover your coinsurance payments under Original Medicare. Whether they make sense for you depends on your medical condition, your finances, and your personal preferences. In New York there are 11 types different plans offered by 11 different insurers. We help you find the lowest cost plan that meets your needs.

Review of existing coverage: Every year Medicare Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans are free to change their premiums, co-pays and many details of coverage. Most people don’t check out these annual changes, and insurers take advantage of it. As a result, most people overpay for their coverage. We help you review your current plan compared competing plans to to see if you would be better off switching.

Group presentations: We give group presentations beginning in July to help people who are already enrolled in Medicare review their coverage to prepare for the Medicare Open Enrollment period from October 15 to December 7

Get help with Obamacare:

We offer New York residents help in selecting an individual or family policy from the Official New York Health Plan Marketplace (NYStateOfHealth). You can get help in getting a subsidy and processing paperwork free of charge from a New York StateNavigator here. We focus on provider networks, coverage options and choosing a deductible.

Choosing a Metal Plan: Marketplace plans are available in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum versions. The more precious the metal gets the higher the premium gets and the lower the deductible gets. We guide people through the math at each level until they are confident that they know what they are getting into.

Understanding deductibles: High deductibles require consumers to pay medical expenses out of their own pockets. We help people to balance their medical need with their financial priorities to choose a plan that meets their needs.