Jess Joseph, Board Certified Patient Advocate


Jess Joseph, Patient Advocate

For over six years I have been showing New Yorkers how to  find the right Medicare plan at the lowest cost.

As a patient advocate I listen carefully to your medical and financial concerns. My work is not done until you understand all of your alternatives for Medicare coverage. Once we do that together, you will know which plan is right for you.

New York State has unique policies governing Medicare Supplements (Medigap). Once you understand these rules, overlooked by others, you can often realize substantial savings. 

In addition to being a Board Certified Patient Advocate, I am a fully licensed New York State health insurance broker representing clients only.  I do not accept commissions from insurance companies or any other third parties. My sole allegiance is to my clients who pay for my services. 

You will find me listed in the AdvoConnection  Patient Advocate Directory where you can read reviews from people I have helped.

To arrange for a private consultation or group presentation, please call me at (212) 996-9595 or email me at

Jess Joseph
Board Certified Patient Advocate

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