Jess Joseph, Patient Advocate


Jess Joseph, Patient Advocate

Welcome to My name is Jess Joseph, and I’m the founder of Help for Patients LLC. I work as an independent professional patient advocate with individuals and with non-profit organizations like the Himan Brown Senior Center at 92nd St. Y and the Stanley Isaacs Senior Center in New York.

My passion for patient advocacy comes out of my own experience as a patient. I learned that doctors appreciate patients who research their conditions at reliable websites. I found questions you can ask to avoid expensive medical tests and procedures that have no real value. By acting as my own advocate, I was able to lower my risk of suffering medical errors and misdiagnosis. In my work as an advocate I draw heavily on the negotiating, planning, legal, and communication skills I developed as a senior business executive.

Help for Patients is dedicated to helping patients find quality care by filling in the gaps of information, coordination and accountability so prevalent in healthcare today.

I hold a Certificate in Patient Advocacy from UCLA which requires completion of a year-long course of studies you can read about here. I have been trained as a Medicare advocate by the Medicare Rights Center and Community Health Advocates, both in New York. Finally, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in the Humanities from the University of Chicago. I am a member of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and am listed in the AdvoConnection Directory of Private, Independent, Professional Patient Advocates and Navigators. I have signed and abide by the Health Advocate’s Code of Conduct and Professional Standards.

Please call me at (212) 996-9595 or email me at to learn more and see if any of our services are right for you.